Photo: Hannele Bång


I grew up in Swedish Lapland surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes. Therefor nature has always been a big source for inspiration. The diversity of the seasons, the view of an open mountain landscape or the overwhelming stillness of the deep woods – all magical places that tells a story and gives peace and nutrition to the soul. In nature everything is complete in the present moment and it is in the here and now that creativity is born.

My big passion in life is playing guitar and create music. I picked up the guitar as a nine year old and knew already at an early age that music was my life. After high school I started to study music at Framnäs Folkhögskola and classical guitar for Frank Sjölander. Later also for Jan-Olof Eriksson at the University of Music in Piteå. I graduated in 2010 with a masters degree in music didactics. In addition to the studies I have toured in North America, composed, recorded and released four CDs of my own music. I have played in rock bands as well as in duos and also written music for theater productions. 

I have a long experience of teaching guitar and I have met hundreds of young guitarists through the years. To open the doors to music for others has been both challenging and fun.

Since 2018 I am living in Finland, the land of the thousand lakes (and saunas).

Some words about me:


We got to experience a world-class concert
– Lisa Syrén, swedish radioprofile

”Joel Karlsson is a virtuoso on guitar. He is also fantastic at building moods and environments by just playing on his instrument”
– Västerviksposten 

”Impressive guitar pieces and painting poems performed with empathy and clarity”
– Concert visitor

”Enjoyed it very much …made me want more!”
– Concert visitor in Minnesota

– from Swedish radio (P2 Klassisk förmiddag) concerning the suite  “Nordisk natt” (Nordic night)


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