Photo: Hannele Bång

Joel Karlsson is a swedish guitarist and singer, now living in Vaasa, Finland. He makes peaceful, melodic music with influences of nordic folk. During 2022 Joel has released six new singles with original guitar music.

Joel was born and raised in Vilhelmina in Swedish lapland – a place surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes. A steady source of inspiration to Joel’s music comes from nature; the diversity of the seasons, the view of an open mountain landscape or the overwhelming stillness of the deep woods. 

Joel began playing guitar when he was nine years old and soon started to write his own songs and melodies. After high school he started to study music at the University of Music in Piteå. He graduated in 2010 with a masters degree in music didactics. In addition to his studies Joel has played in various rock bands, in duos, written music for theater productions and taught hundreds of students playing the guitar. He has toured in the Swedish settlements in North America and released four CD´s of his own original music. His performances have been described as “impressive, moving, and inspiring”. His nordic suite for guitar has been played in Swedish radio and described as “irresistible”. Next music releases is set to October 7 2022 – “Autumn Songs” contains four new songs with guitar, vocals, harp, cello and flute. Stay tuned… 

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